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Fall Selections from Nellie Wasilewski - With Complementary Music... Enjoy!


Brisk air forces the sun

to hide its carefree

summer face.

Lack of light 

Ignites the fires of fall,

leaving a blazing trail 

of vivid colors behind.

Chill winds blow,

carving paths to winter.

September is the gateway

to cozy fires, 

and homemade soup.

A brief respite before 

winter clutches the earth

in its icy fingertips.

*Published by Poetry Quarterly
Winter 2014

Fall on the Mountain 

Mountain breeze begins to blow
bright colors drift slowly down
sunbeam glitter sparks each leaf
silence and peace abound--the
changing season--a  gift from
the Master of all beauty

Nells Wasilewski lives in a small southern town, seventy miles southeast of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Walter. She retired from the mortgage industry in 2011 and began pursuing her lifelong dream of writing. Her writing has been greatly influenced by her faith in Jesus Christ, her own experiences and nature. She is currently working on daily devotionals.

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Ever Met a Klepto Cat? Check out Rags, the Cat-Eye Witness presented by Patricia Fry

Savannah glanced up and saw her friend rushing toward her. "Iris, what's wrong? You look pale. Are you okay?"
"The money's gone," she said breathlessly.
"What?" Savannah moved closer so she could hear her above the hustle-bustle of activity behind them.
"The money's gone," Iris whispered loudly. "Someone took it."
Savannah froze in place, squinting her green eyes in disbelief. She motioned for Iris to follow her into the dining room, where they wouldn't be overheard. "Are you sure? Could you be mistaken about where you left it? This is a big house, you know."
"No," Iris hissed. "The box is there, but the money's gone..." she wailed....
"I'm just sick." Iris said as the two women ascended the staircase.
Savannah squeezed her friend's arm. "It'll be okay." Okay? How can it be okay that someone took the money we all worked so hard to raise for the neglected and abused horses? she thought. And how is it okay that there's a thief among the guests in my home?
..."Iris, you're babbling."
"I know. I do that when I'm nervous or scared." She crossed her arms tightly across her chest and shuddered. "Right now, I'm both," she said, tearing up again...

Cat-Eye Witness:
A Klepto Cat Mystery

By Patricia Fry

When I need a break from world issues, I turn to my TBR bookshelf for one of my waiting cat mystery books. I thoroughly enjoyed this one by Patricia Fry! It is a light murder mystery for which you can take a cup of tea and sit down to relax and read...

I liked the main character, Savannah, and her interaction with Rags... And also enjoyed the family and other characters developed for the series...

Interestingly, there is also quite a cat community involvement that shows the author's vision of a small-town setting where I'd love to live! In fact, it is a fundraiser sponsored by the Hammond Cat Alliance at which all the trouble began!

Savannah and her friend Iris were very involved with the activities and it had been Iris who had handled the money and then had counted and put it out of the area where people were congregating... When later she went to check, the money had been taken, leaving the box!

But that was only the beginning, because soon, a body had also been discovered in the bedroom across the hall! And nobody knew who that man was... Following the clues was a fun exercise and keeps readers involved... However, there is lots of 
action outside of the crime...

For instance, how about having a cat whisperer be called in to spend time with Rags? Well, Rags had been safely tucked in that bedroom in which the murder occurred! Savannah had realized that something was wrong... She learned that Rags had been kicked...and...that Rags had seen the murderer!

Both Savannah and her fiancee Michael are veterinarians and so we have the opportunity to be involved with the birth of a new baby... It was an interesting side plot that the Cat Alliance was helping to raise funds for abused horses... The pregnant mother was in such bad shape that they feared she'd not make 
it through the birth... Then Savannah takes some times to get back into riding...

But no matter what else was going on, Klepto solved the case, first by her natural kleptomania and then by her own personal identification of the killer! I loved it!

If you enjoy cozy mysteries, especially starring cats, I highly recommend this book! It was easily free-standing, but I'll be checking out the series as well... Would you believe she has 25 books in the series since I bought this second book! I picked up the latest to see how things have changed for Rags!


Patricia Fry began writing articles for magazines in 1973 and that's how she earned her living for decades. Her first book was accepted by a New York publisher in 1978. Every five years, or so, she'd evaluate the potential for her writing business and make adjustments accordingly. In 1983, she established a publishing company (Matilija Press) and began producing her own books. By the late 1990s, she was teaching publishing workshops. She wrote her first of many books for authors in 2000 and she also became a speaker at writers' conferences in many cities throughout the US. Around the same time, she hung out her shingle and started working with other authors on their book projects. 

Nearly forty years after she began writing for publication, with forty nonfiction books to her credit and after working with many dozens of clients on their fiction and nonfiction books, she felt she was at a crossroads. Patricia reminisces about that period in her life. "All my friends were retiring. I wondered if I should, too. But how does one retire from something they love? Writing is not just a job, it's my passion."

The year was 2012. Patricia knew it was time for another career shift and she asked herself, "What writing dreams have not been fulfilled?" The answer came in one word: FICTION. That year, she gave herself a birthday gift--the time and space to write a novel.

She says, "The idea came rather quickly. And within a relatively short time, I was the author of a published novel, "Catnapped", the first in the Klepto Cat Mystery series." Every two or three months since, Patricia has produced a new book in the series. While you're urged to read these books in order, many readers agree that each book can be read as a standalone.

"I write these cozy mysteries with love and hope that you enjoy my stories." (Patricia Fry)

The Klepto Cat Mysteries 

The Klepto Cat Mysteries are light, fun cozy mysteries full of adventure, intrigue, and a little romance. They feature Rags, an ordinary cat who just can't keep his paws off other people's things. Often, the treasures he finds are clues in a mystery. Follow Rags's fascinating life path from when he and Savannah were single and he roamed the neighborhood stealing everything from toys belonging to large dogs to jewelry and bathing suits. 

Rags and Savannah don't stay single long. After meeting Michael, a handsome veterinarian, Savannah settles down, but the cat doesn't change his thieving ways. Even though his kleptomaniac habit is annoying and embarrassing to his family, he has earned the respect of the local sheriff's department and he was even asked to star in a documentary.

Find out more at:

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Tory Allyn Presents Alter Ego - Surprising Spoof?!!!

The CSI team walked up as Jack crouched down and brushed off the rest of the leaves from the body, careful not to disturb any evidence. After a quick inspection, he stood up and stared at Chief McAllister. "Go ahead, sir, take a look, but prepare yourself."
"Son, I've pert' near seen everythin'," He squatted down as much as his protruding gut would allow. "What in tarnation is this?" His breath rasped, "Where in God's creation did this thing come from?" Wheezing sounded. "Talbot, help me up."

The deputy grabbed onto the chief's hefty arm. "I told you it was freaky."
McAllister's eyes blazed. "This here some kinda joke..." He shifted around, his face flushed with fury. "Who's pullin' my leg?" His glare ended on Jack.
Agent Stanwick flung up his hands. "Look I'm just down here doing my job."
"Show me them here credentials!" McAllister ordered. "I wanna make sure I'm not bein' taken a fool."
Jack reached into his back pocket, yanked out a leather case and flipped out his badge. "Here you are, Chief."
McAllister grabbed it, gave it a stern eye then handed it back. He faced Talbot. "I'm not amused."
The deputy stepped back.
Jack edged forward. Now that Chief McAllister had gotten a glimpse of his badge, the game had played out. It was time to enact his authority. "I'll tow the body away as soon as it's bagged and tagged."
"Boys, help the CSI gang process this here crime scene for the agent."
The men scrambled...
The deputy snickered. "I think it's a tranny."
"A what?" Chief McAllister uttered.
"A transsexual," sir," Jack retorted.
The chief's eyebrows crinkled.
"It's a person who has undergone gender reassignment surgery," Jack explained.
Depute Talbot smirked, "Well, I call it what it is--a sex change."
Chief McAllister winced. "My God!" He turned both eyes heavenward. "One day this here sky's gonna open wide and when that happens y'all will witness His wrath."
A solemn expression emanated from Jack's face...

Take a bit of Weird Science, add a bit of politics, a FBI search for a serial killer, and add a zany set of private detectives, who used to be cops, and you have a unique blend of sci-fi, humor, and, political intrigue that may lead you to end reading with the question, "What...just...
I was enjoying the book until the Davenport Detective Agency was introduced. This is the debut of a series surrounding the Agency. The concept was fine until the detectives became actual characters and started talking. Frankly, I was caught totally off guard. While admitting I didn't like three of the four members of the agency, as the book went on, I began to understand the overall plot and where the series would probably be going... Think Weird Science... If you enjoyed that movie, I think you'll also greatly enjoy this first and other books...

The intriguing string of murdered bodies that was found instantly caused alarm, mixed reactions, and confusion...This was not mutilation--it was something much more--but what?!

When the Detective Agency begins, they are to focus on a militia group that could be behind the murders and whatever else was going on... Readers will meet M.A.G.O.C. (Men Against Government Overtaking Control) and learn the basic actions of what this group has begun doing. The book can stand alone, but does leave readers with questions that move into the next book. I must admit I am curious... 

The author has done a great job in creating a novel that attracts attention from the beginning to the end. It is well written and reflects a certain style of creative genius I've not seen before... I can't help but think of it as a spoof, a parody of the multiple genres included... We think, for instance, that the FBI would never bring in another agency to help solve a serial killer case. Yet, the author manages that by having the family of a victim of those murdered hire the Agency... Then there are the characters in the agency that are overplayed to the point of almost thinking they are similar to Keystone Cops... updated to the 60s... (the only clues I'll give, LOL)

The added political angle is certainly timely as we consider how individuals can take on a specific persona only to have corruption revealed at some point... But the project underway by the villains? Well,!

Check out other reviews...This is unusual enough that not everybody will pick up on what is happening and appreciate it... It certainly is, though, a novel worth further consideration... 


Tory Allyn currently resides in Upstate New York. Although born in Syracuse, he was raised in the quaint town of Baldwinsville with his brother and two sisters, who drove him into becoming the zany person he is today. As a child, he made up many a tale. Some funny; others dark and brooding, but all started him on the path to writing. Today, his nephew, lovingly referred to as 'The Monster Child', is his partner in crime. Most days, you will see them playing ball at a nearby park, going for a dip in the backyard pool or snowboarding down a popular mountainside. 

Tory has written his first novel, ALTER EGO. He completed a second novel, ALTER BOYS. His third novel, ALTER GIRLS, is in the editing stage. ALTER BOUND will be last. All four are a series entitled, THE DAVENPORT DECREES.

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Adolph Caso, Guest Blogger, on Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus
By David Workman
Commissioned by Mr. Caso

Letter to the Boston Globe in response to the article by Roland Merullo:

Good morning.  No, not a good morning, especially on Columbus Day!

Poor Columbus! He died in anonymity—the typical announcement of one’s death was posted in the local square of the deceased. On the day of Columbus’ death, however, there was no such announcement. Thanks to Columbus, however, John W. Henry and Roland Merullo are having the time of their lives. Without Columbus, they would not be here.

In his, Columbus and Italian-Americans—a sad marriage, from his first line, “When I was a boy, my father owned a book called, ‘Columbus WAS first’. I never read it. I’m sure he never read it…” Yet, Merullo condemns “Columbus’ record of brutality or his pivotal role in the heinous practice of owning and selling human beings. Torture, punitive amputations, wholesale slaughter of the generally peaceful native peoples he encountered on his four voyages…” Columbus,  was and is the worst human being on this earth. Because of his acts of repression, therefore, Columbus’ statues in our public spaces need to be removed and pulverized.

In his first voyage, wherein Columbus showed the world how to sail to “China” by going west on the unknown Atlantic, Columbus landed in the waters adjacent to two continents unknown to the world. In his Log, he called the new “Indians” and described them as handsome, primitive, and docile—a people who could easily be conquered. (Others were cannibals, he was made to understand, and so reported in his Log. They had not religion as such nor knew how to read or write). He took five of them onto his two ships (the third was grounded and the crew left behind in what was to be the first settlement of Europeans in “China”). While on board, two jumped off the ship and swam back ashore. The other three became successful icons in the Queen’s court where the Europeans saw for themselves that China had been successfully reached by his sailing westwards.

In his second voyage, wherein he hit the bull’s eye again in reaching his destination, Columbus discovered that those “docile” Indians had massacred the entire settlement. In his second Log, Columbus showed not sign of retribution against anyone. He couldn’t, even if he wanted to. The Spaniards were in charge.

In his third voyage wherein he showed the Spaniards how to successfully reach “China,” Columbus was bound in chains and sent back to Spain.

Acquitted of any charge, Queen Isabella sent Columbus back to “China”. On his return, Columbus was allowed to live the rest of his live in oblivion. His only wish: in his will, he gave money to the city of Genova, with the hope of sending crusaders to free the holy land from Muslim oppression.

So, what did Columbus do to the native “Indians”? Only indirectly, the natives did away with cannibalism. They became Christians; They learned how to read and write. They began to record their history. They became active in every aspect of modern life. They became human having the freedom to evolve into independent citizens. With the help of their church, they did away with institutionalized slavery unlike the new Christians—from Africa, to Europe and America, who exploited those poor souls captured and enslaved by their own chiefs and kings.

Mr. Merullo, you said neither your father nor you read the book. And you call yourself a spokesman for the Italian Americans!

Adolfo Caso
American of Italian descent--
ready and honorably ready
to salute any statue of Columbus.

I believe every opinion deserves a rebuttal... Since I've read a number of books by the writer, Adolfo Caso, I am fully aware of the research he has done... It is a sad commentary for America that Freedom of Speech allows anybody to write for or against individuals... and claim anything they want... The history of America is murky...but it's our history... When you speak out against something or someone, be prepared with factual information, that's all we can ask for... And if rebutted, then that rebuttal must be heard as well...

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Magnificent Mystery Coming 11-7 - Written in Blood by Layton Green!

"Was Farley the sole owner?"
"As far as I know."
"Try to keep the store running for now. I hate to ask--" Preach opened his cell phone again, displaying the photo of the corpse--" but could you take a closer look at the body? We found two small crosses on Mr. Robertson's chest. Have you ever seen him with those, maybe on a necklace?"
Ari took the smartphone and enlarged the image. Her eyes widened as she brought the photo closer. "The head wound," she said after a moment, in an oddly subdued voice, "could it have been cqaused by the back of an axe?"
"I suppose," Preach said. "Why?"
"And those crosses...I don't suppose they're made of wood and copper?"
The detective exchanged a sharp glance with Kirby. The junior officer shifted to a more alert stance, and Preach's eyes bored into Ari, "How'd you know that?"
"So they are?" She was staring at the photo, now with a dazed expression.
"One wood, one copper. Does that mean something to you?"
"I don't know what it means," she said, "but the wound, the position of the body, the crosses: those are the exact details from the murder of the old pawnbroker in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment."

Ebooks available Now. Paperback 11-7! Pre-order Now...

Creekville, Doug Seward
The setting for Written in Blood was one of the things I started to enjoy very early in the novel... While activities and stores described a quaint little town, which drew artists and those who wanted to experience diversity in all of its forms... including an influential criminal element...

But, as usual, I was drawn to the main character, who I'll be calling by his nickname, Preach... First, I hope that the author will allow this character to stay with us in more than this book. I, for one, want to spend more time getting to know him. His is a backstory that you need to read to fully understand. In his present life, he was hired as a law officer with the understanding that he would be visiting a psychologist to certify him able to work in potentially dangerous situations.

But in the meantime, a murder has occurred--the first in ten years... and Preach has just returned to his home town where he was hired... He is the only individual, besides the chief, who has experience in working murder cases...

I found my reading pace slowing as the literary story evolved. There is much that provoked thinking for me, in addition to the specific merge of murder with previously written novels. The various characters are drawn from both the earlier time when Preach lived in Creekville, who still live in town, as well as those who have moved there since then. I will add, briefly, that Preach had a traumatic emotional breakdown and had left town without saying goodbye to his close friends, and turned his life completely around, including becoming religious... Watching Preach try to deal with the rejection of old friends, as he tries to deal with a new job, working with new people, and then being caught and placed as lead in a complex series of deaths, has naturally put an emotional strain on him...

One bright light is a young woman who is a law student, working part-time at the bookstore that was owned by the first man murdered...She and Preach spend considerable time with research of the books from which murder scenes are drawn and this added interest for me as the crime scenes were viewed, discussed, with hints for Preach to use... For me, this was far beyond the CSI type of murder investigation--rather it was the intellectual psychological probing that pulled me in 
completely... And as the murder count moves to three, Preach believes he knows who the fourth victim will be...

But, I hadn't a clue! Well, I picked up on one possibility early on as a motive...So, remember, that you'll have to spend time considering all information being discovered... and, I am sure, you still will not arrive at the correct conclusion! Great! Fantastic! I love when I'm totally surprised!

In fact, when I finished at 2 am this morning, I closed the book and immediately thought, "magnificent mystery..." And then I thought back over the hundreds  of mysteries I've read and couldn't remember one which had kept me so totally clueless to the very end!

Layton Green has definitely been added to my favorite author list. I read my first book from this author in 2011 and quite recently enjoyed his world of magic in The Brothers Three and The Spirit Mage. His multi-genre novels gives readers a wonderful chance to expect the unexpected with Green... In this latest one, his attention to detail of setting, characters, and psychological profiling, together with the literary angle is far-reaching... It's heartwarming in all the right places, exciting in dealing with the local criminal element who seems to be involved with just about everything in town, informative as we explore the meaning behind four stories that have been popular over the years, while providing a totally unsolvable mystery that brings awesome surprise and admiration in analyzing bits of pieces of information that ultimately in a stunning climax. Altogether Exhilarating for me!


Layton is a bestselling author who writes across multiple genres, including mystery, thriller, suspense, horror, and fantasy. He is the author of the popular Dominic Grey series, as well as other works of fiction. His novels have been optioned for film, nominated for multiple awards (including a finalist for an International Thriller Writers award), and have reached #1 on numerous genre lists in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Layton is also the co-editor of International Thrills, the online magazine of ITW (International Thriller Writers).

In addition to writing, Layton attended law school in New Orleans and was a practicing attorney for the better part of a decade. He has also been an intern for the United Nations, an ESL teacher in Central America, a bartender in London, a seller of cheap knives on the streets of Brixton, a door to door phone book deliverer in Florida, and the list goes downhill from there.

Layton lives with his family in North Carolina. You can also visit him on Facebook, Goodreads, or on his website (

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Jennifer Chase Writes Best of Her Best in Dead Cold. Latest in Emily Stone Series!

This was an unusual case due to the cryptic clues, few frozen body parts, and it seemed to cross over into many jurisdictions. There was also the possibility of more than one killer. Her thoughts also wandered to the detective in charge of the case, and how he would pursue the investigation. It would prove beneficial if they shadowed him as well.

Emily Stone fans will continue to find great satisfaction in the latest of this fantastic series! Compulsion was my first novel in the series in 2009 and the main character has made her mark for the many followers since then... But her latest book, from those I have read by this author, is the Best of Her Best!

Not only does Stone continue to amaze and delight as she and her beloved partner, go behind legal lines to accomplish and solve many cases that have stopped the legal agencies, she does it in hair-raising scenes out of which readers think she can never succeed... In this book, her first job is to find and release a small child who has been captured... I might add that the setting, the environment in which the child was found was, well, be prepared...

Interestingly, Chase pulls in an earlier case of another child who was saved years ago. Through the Prologue, that child's story is relived...and we then find her in an obsessive need in her present life to find and repeat her intensive gratitude to the woman who had saved her...But what she does is add a layer of confusion as she searches, follows, and ultimately places herself and Stone's life in danger...

While a sometime member of the Stone team joins the twosome and presents an interesting romance drama as both of the male team members are obviously in love with Emily. Emily plays a light counterbalance to keeping things stable and functioning... But it sure helps break the tension for readers!

But all that is minor compared to Chase's creation of this book's villain! One of the reasons why these books are so fascinating is trying to give millions of us the answer to... Why? Why does this type of thing happen in real life? Just as we asked yesterday--in Las Vegas--why did it happen?!!!

And in the fourth chapter, the new case begins...when body parts are found...

THE CELLPHONE BUZZED SEVERAL TIMES before it went to voice mail. A few moments later, it buzzed again rattling the phone on the coffee table. Detective Daniel Starr stirred slightly on the couch from his comfortable napping position. He had had good intentions to go out and do something fun for his birthday, but when he arrived home, he thought he would take a short nap to re-energize. 
The phone rang again. “All right,” barked Starr as he sat up and rubbed his eyes. 
He saw that it was the watch commander, which really meant that there was another homicide. Starr snapped up the cellphone and with a groggy voice said, “Starr.” 
He listened as Watch Commander Diaz explained to him, “We need your participation at a crime scene—of sorts.” He paused. “What’s the problem? Is it a primary or secondary or what?” Starr asked. His interest was piqued now by the commander’s hesitation and cryptic descriptions. 
“Definitely not the primary, maybe not the secondary and it’s not really a crime scene, but a body dump.” 
“Sir, just spit it out.” 
“M.E. Stansfield has requested your assistance specifically on this one,” he answered. 
“Okay, give me the details,” asked Starr. 
“It’s just a frozen thigh.” Starr stood and paced while his mind reeled from the information. He wracked his brain and thought about all sorts of scenarios where a frozen body part would come from—and why. It was weird, creepy, and even resembled something from a scene in a horror movie, but it was not the first time a homicide detective, somewhere, was called in to investigate a frozen body part left in the open.   
He paused before continuing. “Sir, you did say a frozen thigh?” “You heard me right.” 
“Of course.” The commander gave Starr the directions and the rest of what little information was available. Starr checked his voicemail and text messages to make sure that there wasn’t anything more that needed his attention. 
Eddie had left him a cryptic text fifteen minutes earlier with his usual humor: got a hot one on ice for u. See u soon. 
Trying to wake up fully and hone his focus, Starr went into the bathroom and splashed water on his face. His mind spun a series of possible events that would result in a frozen thigh dumped in a rural setting. Was it a prank? He decided to change his clothes from shirt and tie to a pair of jeans and sweatshirt. It would feel better not to have anything restricting him as he investigated the scene—at least what surrounded the evidence in the park. 
It unnerved Starr that someone had left a human body part in a state park where anyone, even a child, could discover it. He grabbed his wallet and keys and headed to the door. Stopping to think for a moment, Starr decided to take his new small journal with him. The detective reflected with some cynicism how a phantom detective would be a welcome addition at this point.

Moving from the case of the lost girl into the new case, and into a frustrating ordeal of trying to find out what has happened, based upon just having body parts, from the police perspective, we meet a frustrated, younger investigator, Detective Daniel Star. I liked the character... and when the climax began, he played a very intriguing, unexpected part!

Can't get into the villain on this one other than to praise Chase for the dribble effect of personal background brilliantly  alternating with the specific crime planning and execution. I found myself totally involved in the background, what had been happening that ultimately led to the final break from early life to choosing payback...over and over and over... Could I possibly feel sympathy, empathy, for what had been done, when, now, so much unbridled anger occurred as each victim was carefully chosen, abducted...and tortured in one of the most horrible possible ways... 

Chase keeps readers urgently moving forward as each revelation is made, discovered by either the police or, mostly, by Emily's team members... Watching the development of the crime research, its merge and manipulation by appropriate characters keeps us fully engaged and ready for the exhilarating climax presented! For series fans, don't miss this one... If you haven't yet read Jennifer Chase, well, you have already missed watching this rising star move into the likes of J.D. Robb, and other authors who've created strong female police officers we learn to respect and love... Highly recommended...


The love that author Jennifer Chase has for books and writing began with the weekly trips that her mom would take with her to the local library. Jennifer would load up her arms with books and spend the week pouring over them until the next visit brought the opportunity to discover even more authors and stories. Before long, she was taking pen to paper and a lifelong connection with creating characters and plotlines was made.

Jennifer has found her niche in the writing world by integrating another passion, criminology, into her work. She holds a bachelors degree in police forensics and a masters in criminology, academic pursuits that developed out of her curiosity about the criminal mind as well as from her own experience with a violent sociopath, providing Jennifer with deep personal investment in every story she tells. She also holds certifications in serial crime and criminal profiling and is a proud member of the International Association of Forensic Criminologists.
This research background has assisted Jennifer in writing multiple crime thrillers, including Compulsion, Dead Game, Silent Partner, Dark Mind and Dead Burn, earning multiple readers' choice awards and other accolades along the way, including a recent gold medal awarded for Dead Burn by a panel of professionals in the publishing industry as part of the International Book Awards. She also has published a non-fiction book, How to Write a Screenplay, which offers a step-by-step guide to this special craft. In addition to her own writing work, Jennifer does some consulting work in the criminology field.

Jennifer Chase was born and raised in California and still lives there with her husband, dogs and cats. In addition to writing and consulting, Jennifer enjoys spending time outdoors, both at the beach and hiking, and engaging in some amateur photography.

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Photography and Poetry from Adolph Caso... Complementary Music...

And Sometimes God Allows Us (Through Adolfo's photo)
 to Capture An Amazing Moment!

Water and Life

Flat and round,
before my eyes.
I see the waves
rolling in,
hitting at my feet--waves
reduced to ripples
of water vanishing
under these feet.
From whence comes life?
Where does it go?
I think of the moon 
and see the answer;
and I bend 
to scoop a cup
to feel the wonderment
of infinity
trickle down my hands
Flat and round,
before my eyes;
I see the waves 
rolling in, 
hitting at my feet--
my essence
will come back to you.
I turn around
and see the earth--
valleys deepened
by mountain peaks, like life,
a chain of ups and downs,
desperation and joy.
And I wonder
when, or
why, or
how I
will turn my back
to feel the water
run down these hands
or let this body float
into the essence
from which it came.